The order process

If your property is eligible, it will be worthwhile to purchase a tax depreciation schedule. Any purchases that fail to qualify for depreciation will be refunded.

Click here to check if your property qualifies

Try and fill out as many details as possible in the form below, including renovation costs, floor plans or photos. It is okay if you cannot provide all details, should we need further information, we will contact you.

We will assess the property via a desktop survey using all information provided by yourself and online real estate paid database software to capture as much depreciation as possible in your report.

Once payment has cleared and your report has been written, we will email your report to you. This report will contain the tax depreciation schedule that allows you claim depreciation on the investment property. The report is designed with advice from accountants and is therefore easy to read. You will only need this one report for the lifetime of the investment property. The report is also future-proof as it can be amended should you carry out renovations to the property in the future.