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Why choose Thrifty Tax Depreciation?

Thrifty Tax Depreciation has over 20 years collectively in professional experience as not only Quantity Surveyors but as property investors. Our journey started out as property investors trying to get ahead with leveraging on all the tools available whether it was lending solutions or tax incentives. We stumbled across tax depreciation along our journey to realise how much of a difference tax depreciation on rental properties would save us in tax.

When preparing reports for Thrifty Tax Depreciation clients, we always have front of mind that the benefit of our service is to maximise that tax back so that you can get ahead. As experience quantity surveyors, we assess each square metre of your property for depreciable value by reviewing the type of floor finishes all the way through to the height of the building. Over time we have become such streamlined quantity surveyors that we are able to prepare such reports overnight. That’s right! From receipt of payment, we prepare your report in 24 hours.

Did we mention we are currently offering one of the most competitive rates on the market? Residential reports starting from $220 for any property in Australia. We only achieve this by having properly qualified persons dedicated on just tax depreciation work.

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Thrifty tax is an Australian owned quantity surveying company which specialises in tax depreciation. Our vision is to provide high-returning, ato compliant tax depreciation schedules for property investors at affordable prices.

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